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Learn the basic skills on how to launch and grow your network marketing home business to maximize your offline and digital marketing efforts.

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Gold Alliance Academy

No-hype.  Just training.

Getting you into profit mode fast!

We are helping 100,000 families get healthier and earn $1,000 or more per month working part-time from home!  The questions is, are you going to be one of them?

You're in the right place!

We are a diverse group of Independent Business Owners and teams working together to spread the message of physical and financial health.

The Vision

Our passion is to help home business owners learn the strategies and principals that led to our multiple six-figure income in the network marketing and direct sales industry.

Inside the Academy, you will find more than 10 years of experience packaged in a step by step training and development program.  We deliver in a way that maximizes your time and effort.

Ray and Dee DavisRay Davis and Dee Davis
The Success Doctrine

Success is about what you inspire others to do.  It has been our pleasure to watch others apply what we teach and go on to earn five and multiple six-figure incomes.

People from all walks of life join the Academy.  Let the Academy work for you!

The Home Business Online Training Portal

We're excited to offer this platform.  It's a resource that everyone can be proud of.  Use it as leverage to grow your business.

Gold Alliance Academy Online Training Portal

8 Steps To A Successful Business Launch


You'll learn 8 steps to getting the word out about your home-based business.  Steps that generate income and can be easily duplicated by your downline team members.

Quick Start
  • 1
    Define your mission
  • 2
    Take Action
  • 3
    Launch Your Home Business
  • 4
    Qualify Your Home Business
  • 5
    Recruit for Sales and Growth
  • 6
    Get a Return on Your Investment
  • 7
    Fit Proven Methods
  • 8
    Engage and Leverage

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"Success is not about what you accomplish in life, it's about what you inspire others to do"

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Nothing Quite Like The Gold Alliance Academy

What's Inside

  • duplication Strategies So You Can Build A Solid Home Business.
  • Offline And Digital Basic Skills Training That Every Network Marketer Should Know. 
  • Steps, Blueprints, Roadmaps And Systems.
  • Leadership Opportunities So That You Can Earn The Respect Of The People Who Join Your Team.

What's Not There

  • hype teaching.  we teach through conversation, demonstration And Application.
  • schemes, pyramids, and work arounds to trick people into joining your team or buying your product.
  • "GURU's" who no longer build teams.  Our trainers are currently engaged in building their Businesses, and Focus On what works TODAY.