10 ways to be more likable and win new clients

10 Ways To Be More Likable And Gain A New Client.

When Tonya approached Margaret about her new business opportunity, Margaret quickly told her that she wasn’t interested.  What Tonya didn’t know was that Margaret was excited about the information, but she didn’t like how Tonya presented herself.  Margaret couldn’t see herself in a business partnership with Tonya.

Sales training 101 says that people will do business with those whom they know, like and trust.

So what could Tonya have done differently?  What can you do to be likable in the eyes of your prospects and win them over?

Do you need to be born with a pleasant personality and exceptional people skills to be likable?  The research suggests that you don’t.

Here are some quick ways you can transform yourself into someone that others find enjoyable to be around.

Even if you are not the social butterfly, by making a few simple changes, you can drastically enhance your experiences with others. Here’s how?

Be memorable with these strategies:

1. Put your phone down

Give your prospect your full and undivided attention. Treat them as if they are the most exciting person you have ever met, and you will foster a friendship.

2. Ask more questions than your prospect

Don’t spend all of your conversation time thinking of something witty to say, try asking questions instead.  Most importantly, listen to the answers.

3. Be reliable and prepared

This means being on time and doing what you said you would do.  Always be ready for dates, meetings, and social gatherings.

4. Do little favors

You don’t need to spend the day at the mall with a new acquaintance, but do something small for people. You’ll earn some easy points and be a more likable person.  It can be simple like buying a refill on their drink or sharing a pad of paper to take notes on.

5. Smile, smile and smile again

It’s a great way to begin the interaction.  It puts others at ease.  Not only do you make your pospect feel better, but you feel better, as well.

10 ways to win more clients

Speak less and be more likable

6. Maintain your composure

We always feel better around those who have their emotions under control.  Likable people keep themselves controlled.

7. Be honest and gentle at the same time

A liar is never appreciated, but being too honest can be just as bad.  Honesty doesn’t mean saying everything out loud!  Just because you think your prospect has an ugly nose, doesn’t mean you should tell them.  Find something you honestly like, and share it.

8. Remember names and use them

You know when someone doesn’t remember your name.  It’s hard to hide and can be embarrassing. Make a concerted attempt to remember the name of everyone you meet.  People love it when you’re able to greet them by name.

9. Have a life outside of your business opportunity

If all you do is talk opportunity, you’ll sound like a broken record, and no one will want to be around you.  Share your hobbies and experiences. Do something exciting so that you can share it, like take a trip. When you have a life of adventure and exploration, people find you more likable.

10. Practice your behavior

Before your next encounter, plan out how the conversation will go.  Think about what you can do differently and then do it with intention.

The likable people you already know have several traits in common. Study them. You can emulate these traits with a little work and attention.  What are they doing that you like, dislike?  You can become just as exciting as they are to be around.

Above all, be respectful and engaging and people will like being around you.  They won’t be like Margaret.  They won’t turn you away when you present them with something they actually find exciting.

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About the Author

Dee Davis is a researcher, specialist in fitness nutrition and home-business coach. Her focus is nutrition, supplementation, and how to monetize your results to earn a secondary income. Dee believes that you can excel beyond the average person in whatever you chose to do, whether it losing weight or working your side gig.