Getting Real With Your Definition of Success.

The Best Marketers Know What Defines Their Success.

People try to live up to what society defines as success without considering the best option for themselves.

When you ask someone what success means, you are likely to hear something like this:

* Luxury vehicle – Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus
* Luxury home – Gated community, on the golf course with a swimming pool
* Corporate VIP – Head honcho in charge, the person that makes all the decisions but spends most of their time playing golf
* Great looking family – Handsome husband, wife looking like a million bucks, attractive kids

If this is what you want in life, then it’s ok. It’s your definition of success. But let’s get real. Let’s say, your definition of success is closer to something like; being single, or traveling around the world, retiring at age 45, being a thought leader, or running your business from a laptop. Then, you may find yourself struggling with the societal definition of success. It just doesn’t fit you.

You may find yourself achieving goals that don’t appeal to you in the first place. If you are currently living in that trap, it’s not too late to create your real success definition.  The best marketers know what defines their success and it impacts how they build their network marketing business.

Reflect On These Questions:

1. What legacy will I leave for my family and society?

Have you heard that real riches are in the cemetery, buried with those who never got a chance to experience their real success? When that time comes for you, how do you want to be remembered.?

What do you still have left to achieve? Who deserves your time and attention? What financial resources should you leave behind?
What is it about you, that people should know?

2. What are my core values?

Few people take the time to consider their beliefs and whether they are living them out. Take time now to write down your value statements. What is important to you?

3. What do I want?

Write down what you want to see and do in life. Everything from traveling the world, jet skiing in the Caribbean ocean, or building a shelter for disadvantaged kids. Whatever it is, put it to paper.

4. What life do I want to start having?

You may have wanted a traditional family with kids, grandkids and two pets. Is that still what you want? Might you want to live out your days in an oceanfront community teaching Zumba to tourists.

5. What will it take for me to feel my success?

Imagine the scenarios and determine what would make you feel like you achieved success. Is it losing 30 pounds so that you have the energy to climb Mount Everest.  Is it living in a baby mansion with a maid and cook? Is it flying coast to coast to help your clients learn something new?

What about leaving $100,000 to your favorite charity or living a debt free life? What would be the ultimate feeling of success for you?

6. Now, what if no one ever knew what you achieved or did?

The idea of owning a Bentley might feel like a success, but what if no one else knows about it? Would it still make you feel successful? The ideal version of your success should not involve the opinions of others.

Your Version Is What Matters

Look for a version of success that has meaning to you, even if no one else is aware of your accomplishment or material possession.

The definition of success is not universal. It’s a personal definition. Don’t fall for doing things to impress friends and family. Find your version of success that has meaning, despite what society thinks.

You might see your version of success is much more meaningful and enjoyable to achieve.

How you define success will require you to like what you do and how you do it. In the end, you will love the person you’ve become?

About the Author

Dee Davis is a researcher, specialist in fitness nutrition and home-business coach. Her focus is nutrition, supplementation, and how to monetize your results to earn a secondary income. Dee believes that you can excel beyond the average person in whatever you chose to do, whether it losing weight or working your side gig.