New Partnership For Gold Alliance Academy

A New Gold Alliance Academy Is In Development.

A new partnership initiative is taking shape right now to reach more people through the Gold Alliance Academy.

A partnership we’re excited to tell you about.

But before we tell you about the partnership, let’s celebrate the success we’ve had over the past eight years.

Celebrating the Success Of The Gold Alliance Outreach

We’ve had tremendous success with the Gold Alliance training platforms and community outreach.

The pursuit of our mission to help families become physically and financially healthy began in the spring of 2014.

  • 2014 – Birth of TLC Gold Alliance (.com). Our first online training and development website helped catapult our businesses.
  • 2018 – Birth of the Gold Alliance Academy. To support our growing membership and 8 Steps to Launching a Network Marketing Business framework.

And through these initiatives, we reached more than 21,000 families across the globe.

People from all walks of life changed their health in a fun and new way.

The Gold Alliance and our former partner (Total Life Changes) became household names in our local communities.

And the growth of numerous leadership teams evolved, which led to recognition of multiple 5-figure, 6-figure, and 7-figure income earners with the company.

We celebrate these milestones and the relationships we built over the years.

The New Gold Alliance Partnership

We forged a new partnership with XIPWorks, a lifestyle, and relationship marketing company which presents an exciting opportunity to further our mission and reach more people.

We are creating a new Gold Alliance of like-minded professionals looking for a fresh start for their health and well-being and to impact the lives of others.

This also means our training platform is under construction to bring new resources and tools to our members and their teams.

You’ll see updates in the coming weeks, with a full roll-out of the new Academy in the first quarter of 2023.

How To Get More Information About The New Gold Alliance Partnership

Here is how you can get more information about the new partnership and join our mission.

You can help us reach more people by reacquainting yourself with our mission and joining our expansion team.

Attend An Informational Meeting To Hear More

Attend a Zoom informational meeting so you can better understand our joint mission and how to get involved.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the meeting:

  1. The mission and details of the new Gold Alliance partnership.
  2. How you can get involved in the partnership.
  3. How we can work together and the exclusive resources available to Gold Alliance members.

Ask Questions In Our Private Facebook Community

Are you active in our “private” Gold Alliance Lifestyle Community? You can hear about this exciting new partnership and ask questions


XIPWorks is a lifestyle and relationship marketing company laser-focused on delivering products and services that exceed expectations and profoundly impact the quality of life.

The Gold Alliance Academy provides training, resources, and mentorship to help new and moderately experienced Independent Business Owners grow a downline organization and earn residual income.

About the Author

Dee Davis is a researcher, specialist in fitness nutrition and home-business coach. Her focus is nutrition, supplementation, and how to monetize your results to earn a secondary income. Dee believes that you can excel beyond the average person in whatever you chose to do, whether it losing weight or working your side gig.