TLC Gold Alliance Gets A Facelift.

Ever heard the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention?”  Well, that rings true for TLC Gold Alliance. A new brand and online presence.

The Gold Alliance Academy is a state of the art education platform to help new distributors grow and excel beyond average expectations in network marketing.

We outgrew our former website at  The technology was outdated and a challenge to keep updated.  The  platform was not sufficient to scale our business.

Action Planning

With the Academy’s online learning platform, we can teach in a way that helps new business owners get started with a plan of action.

Business owners see a bigger picture of how they can achieve specific goals they have designed for themselves.

At the core of the Academy is an 8-step business plan that teaches a new person how to launch their business in a way that results in customer sales and distributor sign-ups.

It’s for the new person to get a quick return on their investment.

The Academy also includes training on foundational skills and more advanced professional and leadership training.   There are more than 70 video tutorials and forms to download.

Excel Beyond Average

The excitement of a new business venture can quickly wear off when there is no action plan to follow or prior business experience.

The result is a lack of confidence and limited income earned.  For the new business owner, it becomes hard to believe that success is possible.  We aim to change this reality with the Academy.

The Academy is for people looking for guidance on building a downline organization that duplicates.

It appeals to distributors who want a holistic or top down view of the growth potential.

It provides an attractive option for people looking for a leveraged training solution to offer new team members and for those who want to excel beyond the averages in Network Marketing.

Membership Has It’s Privileges

Members of the Academy enjoy benefits that include access to business presentation pages.

Members also get to offer new partners (recruits) discounted access to the done-for-you training inside the Academy.

We are excited about where this new platform will take the team and look forward to new possibilities.

About the Author

Dee Davis is a researcher, specialist in fitness nutrition and home-business coach. Her focus is nutrition, supplementation, and how to monetize your results to earn a secondary income. Dee believes that you can excel beyond the average person in whatever you chose to do, whether it losing weight or working your side gig.